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About us

Vici Helicopter AS is a newly established helicopter company, which provides an offshore helicopter transportation service in the demanding area of the North Sea and the Norwegian Sea. Furthermore Vici is a fully independently owned Norwegian company.



The foundation team consists of a group of highly experienced and devoted people, with a combined and dedicated vision of making a difference. Significantly, the team comprises of members who have years of aviation experience and thousands of flight hours for the offshore industry. Consequentially the team conducts the tasks with an in-depth understanding that security and dependability is created by the people involved, and thus leads to the company's painstaking focus on safety and reliability. Furthermore, the team is in constant pursuit of positive development and improvement. 


We are dedicated professionals who resolutely continue to strive to create a Norwegian offshore helicopter company. We aim to achieve the highest standard with modern helicopters and methods.


Our operations will be performed with integrity, as Vici Helicopter AS will provide a secure and effective environment, leading to safety and efficiency for passengers.


Vici core values:


  • Safety – Safe and efficient performance without exception.

  • Customer centered approach – Customer satisfaction is one of our principle goals. 

  • Leadership and integrity – Do the right thing at all times.

  • Engagement of people – Active involvement of users; staff and customers.

  • Continuous improvement – Aim higher, do better, go further. Set and achieve high standards in everyday tasks and operations.

  • Evidence-based decision making – Risk and root cause analysis to meet objectives first time.

  • Teamwork and relationship management – Communicate openly with respect for each other.



Vici Helicopter AS

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